Real Resource management is one of the foremost recruitment agencies in Nepal today. We have strived to change the conventional recruitment services in the face of changing global requirements by organizations all over the world. When we began, we seriously started each task by putting things in appropriate standpoints and by forging our way into the mainstream of overseas recruitment. Today we take pride in a work team of very proficient officers and staff that will provide prompt responses and will be able to provide labor power of all categories in accordance to the need of our clientele.

Real Resource is spread across the length and breadth of the country of Nepal. It requires a large network to run these branches and to recruit people, which could require more than just selecting candidates. This could not have been possible without the support of our efficient staff who handle everything in the face of all challenges and upheavals. We are always upfront about our dealings, prompt in our responses and professional in the face of challenges. At Real Resource, we understand that people are our business and many times we are dealing with some of the most professional Human Resource Management companies in the world. They expect the same amount of professionalism from us too. That is one of the reasons why we have hired experts from all walks of life into our company.

We have come to believe that Recruitment Service requires dedication, passion and innovation. The market of the world keeps changes. Yet, we understand, simply through experience. We have always learned that right decisions are important. But it is only experience that makes us take the right decision. Real Resource is all about bringing that sense of experience and innovation to provide recruitment companies worldwide, the best that Nepal has to offer.