Motivating    Employees

01Even when so many factors contribute to the success of a corporation, most of it always depends upon employees giving their best. While there are many practices, strategies and methods to make individuals work, motivation, although traditional, is still considered a widely prevalent way to make employees give their best. There are many times when employees feel a sense of insecurity and lose their morale. According to experts motivation means helping people understand what they want from a job and to provide them what they expect. A positive motivation philosophy and practice should improve productivity, quality, and service. It helps attain targets, gain a greater perspective and develops self esteem and capability.

The question of how to motivate employees in an effective manner remains. It is always important to first determine the factors that are imperative to improve your work life. Needs and requirements differ. Employees could want status, a raise or better working conditions. However, it is always important to find out through performance appraisals, attitude surveys, and informal conversations what they want most from their jobs. It is also important to recognize the factors that demotivate. While some can be dealt with easily, others require time and proper planning. The fact that you are concerned to find out what is wrong and do something about it is in itself a motivator. Motivation practice and relationship building often falter because employees do not feel they are receiving adequate support. While incentives are considered a great way to motivate, research says that it doesn't motivate for long after a raise. Fringe benefits can be effective in attracting new employees, but benefits rarely motivate existing employees to use their potential more effectively. Having listened to staff, take steps to alter your organization's policies and attitudes, consulting fully with staff and unions. Consider policies that affect flexible work, reward, promotion, training and development, and participation.