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Real Resource Management Pvt. Ltd was envisioned, founded and administered for reliable growth expansion through a relentless effort by producing capable manpower services to business organizations all over the world.

We have a management system with a highly capable team of professionals and have gained and consistently sustained stability and growth in the face of Human Resource decline of recent years.

We are an employment/recruitment company in Kathmandu, Nepal, driven towards providing manpower to every job category in Asia and the Middle East and Europe. Real Resource Management primarily focuses its drive to marketing its services and to organize~ts resources to instantaneously respond to the wants and necessities of its would-be clientele. We are into establishing strategies, where system and procedures were set up, and high qualified people were identified and employed to run the agency.

Real resource management is one of the foremost recruitment agencies in Nepal today. We have strived to change the conventional recruitment services in the face of changing global requirements by organizations all over the world. When we began, we seriously started each task by putting things in appropriate standpoints and by forging our way into the mainstream of overseas recruitment.

Today we take pride in a work team of very proficient officers and staff that will provide prompt responses and will be able to provide labor power of all categories in accordance to the need to our clientele.

Sirjana Gurung
Managing Director