Creating    Better    Incentive    Plans

01Motivation is the key to ultimate success for any company. Appreciation and Incentive programs can help your employees work better and enjoy their jobs. When this happens, production levels are always going to rise. However Incentive plans are not always an easy task. One must always consider the pay scale and comprehend targets and profits. Improving communication is the major goal for managers and upper management. An employee must know they can discuss work issues with 'the boss' without fear of being ignored, patronized, or hearing about it later from someone whom it doesn't concern. Money isn't always the answer to incentive programs. An effective motivation tool is giving your employee more say in his or her assignments. Find out what procedures they think could be changed for efficiency, productivity, or ease and see if it's possible to make those changes. Providing an atmosphere of freedom while working can also create a big change in the way your employees work. Incentives and rewards will be completely disregarded if your employees believe management doesn't care what they think. To motivate them you need more, not to spend more, but something that can't be tossed in with a paycheck. Don't throw the rewards around aimlessly. To undertake challenges and accomplish them within a time period requires developing employee incentive plans.

The first measure is to establish objectives. Incentives must always be based on objectives. Increasing sales, customer relations and measuring such quantum is imperative. You can also defined desired behaviors. Monitor the work process of your best employee and determine what is required to reach an objective or high performance. The key reason why you will need this is set performance target levels for the behaviors you want to increase. These must correlate to your objectives or you could be tracking the wrong things. Always determine rewards in layers. There should be rewards for immediate recognition, short term rewards over a month or quarter, and long term incentives for loyal employees who contribute to the company's success. Remember to keep looking for new ways to improve your employee incentive plans. If certain rewards are not valued by your staff, then change them. Add new behavior targets if business results are not improving. Also develop clear performance goals. Remember, each year you can raise the bar of the performance measure or change the measurable goals.