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Required Documents

The hiring organization and Real Resource Management, as the vendor, will establish a recruitment service agreement. In addition to the agreement, the employer is required to provide a set of official documents (which may vary depending on the source and destination countries) for overseas recruitment. These documents are essential for the successful deployment of the selected staff. The set of official documents typically includes:

•    Demand Letter: An official letter is issued by the employer to Real Resource Pvt. Ltd., specifying the required positions and outlining the terms and conditions of employment.

•    Power of Attorney: A letter issued by the employer authorizing Real Resource Pvt. Ltd. to act on behalf of the employer in recruiting the necessary number of workers and completing all relevant formalities with the respective Embassy and related government agencies of Nepal.

•    Service Agreement: This agreement is established between the employer and Real Resource Pvt. Ltd., clearly outlining all the terms and conditions regarding the supply of manpower from Nepal.

•    Employment Contract: A legally binding contract signed between the overseas employer and the Nepalese employee, detailing the terms and conditions of employment.

•    Guarantee Letter: A letter issued by the employer as an assurance that the recruited workers will not be deployed to third countries other than the host country and that safe accommodation will be provided exclusively for female staff members.